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Hotel Amphitriti 3 Stars

Pefkos Rhodes, Pefkos (Lindos) Rhodes island


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Hotel facilities

Restaurant, Bar, 24-Hour Front Desk, Safety Deposit Box, Internet access, Parking, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Air-conditioning (with charge)

Add-on charges / services

The hotel provides under an extra cost the following services.

Third person in triple studio. (When a person, older than 12 years old, uses the third bed at the triple studio there is a per day charge) * No charge for child EUR 7.00 (per day, per room)
Third person in triple studio. (When a person, older than 12 years old uses the third bed at the B EUR 13.00 (per day, per room)


Accommodation type Hotel
Hotel season 1/4 to 31/10
Check in 14:00
Check out 12:00
Pets Pets are not allowed in this hotel.
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Date Thursday, 19 May 2011

Discounts policy

Discount for children (age 2-12)
Discount 100% for children of ages 2 to 12.
* Applies on triple B&B rooms or triple studios and only if the child is the third person in the room. More...

Reservation cancel

You can cancel a reservation up to 5 days before the check-in date. Depending on the hotel policy you might be charged a fee for the cancellation. Read the hotel terms and conditions for more.

Terms and conditions

Additional rates - Not included in total booking price
Extra child, 12 years and under : free    
Extra infant, 3 years and under : free

Check-in: 14h, Check-out: 12h

Booking policy
A deposit is charged by Amphitriti Hotel upon reservation.
Outstanding balance is to be paid directly to the hotel in local currency.
Please note that the hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise your credit card prior to arrival.
Credit cards accepted by the hotel: Master Card, Visa.

Cancellation policies & fees

No cancelation fees until 7 days to arrival
From 7 days to arrival day: 100% of the total reservation
No-show: 100% of the total reservation (applies to 'early departure' when guests stay at least 1 night).
The cancellation policy is applied based on the hotel's local time.
The cancellation fees are debited by the hotel.

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Location LocationPefkos (Lindos) Rhodes island
Address AddressPefkos Rhodes
Owner OwnerArgiris Ganotakis
Email Email
Telephone Telephone2244048396
FAX FAX2244048397


If you have any questions please contact the hotel manager.